TKT Terrazzo Factory Brief

Manufacturing Unique Terrazzo Stone

  • Mẫu đá Terrazzo bản to
  • đá Terrazzo thi công sàn văn phòng
  • đá Terrazzo thi công sàn văn phòng
Creative Design Award 2019

We have won the Creative Design Award for Wall and Floor Walling Products in the Design Competition organized by Vietnam Tiling Association in 2019. TKT Factory's Terrazzo paving stone product is modern, young with bright, dynamic colors are hitting the highest spear at the competition.



Our Terrazzo stone has been exported to

M2 Stone

Was manufactured and installed in 2019


Terrazzo Stone projects has been completed


Experience in manufacturing and installing Terrazzo stone

History of Terrazzo Stone Factory - TKT Factory

  • 2009Open a company

    TKT Factory was formerly a construction team of grindstone, concrete stone, granito
  • 2011Import Terrazzo brick production line

    After 2 years of specializing in grinding wheel, concrete stone, granito, we realize a great demand for garden Terrazzo tiles, paving. The first Terrazzo production line was imported and the first worm-terrazzo bricks were produced.
  • 2015Producing high-grade Terrazzo stone

    The market of ordinary low-grade Terrazzo bricks is increasingly fierce, making it extremely difficult for businesses. The production and distribution of terrazzo tiles constantly being devalued by new companies makes the business of TKT Factory face many difficulties. The company's management decided to shift production of high-class Terrazzo stone
  • 2016Terrazzo Tiling Exhibition

    Boldly marketing the new generation high-grade Terrazzo stone at the most prestigious exhibits in Vietnam at that time, Vietbuild helped us to get customers interested in the first high-class Terrazzo stone product. Customers from the US, Europe, Japan and Singapore began to inquire
  • 2017Exporting high quality Terrazzo Stone

    The first terrazzo stone container was exported to Singapore market after much negotiation on quality and price opened a new door for the development of TKT Factory's high-class Terrazzo stone factory.
  • 2018Perfecting Terrazzo stone standards

    In the beginning, Terrazzo high-class factory TKT Factory received many comments from customers around the world. As a result, we help standardize the production process of Terrazzo stone, the quality of terrazzo stone products continuously creates new standards and compete directly with Terrazzo stones in the European and American markets. Read more about high-grade Terrazzo stone here
  • 201910,000 m2 Terrazzo stone has been shipped

    More than 10,000m2 of high-quality Terrazzo stone has been released, confirming the right direction of the company leadership. Keeping the passion of research, the pride of Vietnamese products exported to countries around the world, TKT Factory's Terrazzo stone factory continues to innovate, perfect, master the technology and launch new products. The best, unique and unique Terrazzo stone products in the world.
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